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Friday, May 7, 2010

Celebrating Be Kind to Animals Week - Sofia's Story A New Beginning

A New Beginning (Part Four here) (Part Three here) (Part Two here) (Part One here)

The day Sofia was rescued in May 2009, we had no idea what a journey it would be. Visiting vets, receiving her diagnosis, fund raising for her care, helping her through surgery and rehabilitation - it was a roller coaster ride for all involved. After getting through all of that, we were still not completely sure what her chances were to be considered for an adoption program on the mainland. Sofia has touched all of our hearts and we all wanted to give her the chance for a family of her own.

Yesterday, Sofia got her chance. The final leg of her journey began in the early afternoon in San Juan, with tearful goodbyes from the rescuers that loved and cared for her for an entire year. She had many visitors before she left, everyone wanted to wish her well. It was a bittersweet moment for everyone, but our Princess Sofia was flying to Boston to be adopted.

 Sofia spends a few moments with one of her angels

Sofia and Gloria

One last kiss

This bond will never be broken

The tears shed at the airport were very different than those a year ago, when faced with double leg amputation surgery - back then, Gloria had all but given up hope, and Sofia appeared to be feeling Gloria's pain an confusion - here they are as Dr. Mongil gave Gloria the news about Sofia -

At Dr. Mongil's Office

To all the people that donated, encouraged, cheered us on and kept Sofia in their thoughts - we thank you and could not have done it without you. Special people in Sofia's journey include - Dr. Mongil and staff, Gloria, Leilani, Ursula, Cybelle, Tracey, Caly and Maggie - each playing an important role in raising funds and caring for her during her recovery. Special thanks to the staff and volunteers at Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA for giving Sofia her chance to find a forever home  - we will be forever grateful to you for helping our Princess.

And so a new journey begins -

Sofia in flight to Boston

Welcome Sofia!

Logan Airport - Sofia and Jalea

Ready to take on the world

Thanks you all for helping me!

I was honored to meet Sofia at the airport last night and welcome her to Boston. I was greeted with tons of kisses and a wagging tail. Sofia is now resting after her flight at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA and being cared for by the wonderful kennel staff. She will be available for adoption next week!

Sofia's story does not end here - this is only the beginning. We will keep you updated on her adoption and hopefully will be able to share photos of her with her new family! I hope you have enjoyed reading Sofia's story as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. Sofia is one of 100,000 satos who deserve a second chance, and we will continue to save them, one sato at a time.

I leave you with the closing words from her rescuers in Puerto Rico, part of the letter that was sent with Sofia for her new family telling her story -

I’m sure that, if you adopted SofĂ­a, you have a beautiful heart full of love for dogs like her. Treasure her and please tell her that here in Puerto Rico, there’s a group of people who will always love her and think about her.  We will never forget her.

We love you very much and will never forget you, Princess Sofia. We will miss you but rejoice on your new life, full of love and respect.

Gloria, Cybelle, Ursula, Leilani and Tracey


  1. I had the chance to meet Sofia before surgery was even an option - and she was the sweetest dog ever! Its been almost a year and I still remembered how she stood by us as we cleaned cages, waiting to get pet or talked to. So happy she will finally get the home she deserves - though Gloria was a great mom to her!

  2. I am so grateful to so many that this Beautiful heart is beating strong.

    Love Heals.


  3. Is there an update on Sofia? Was she adopted? Gloria and Staff, you are Angels to these beautiful souls. I will come to visit you one day and hopefully, be able to be an escort.
    God Bless You All ^..^ '


  4. I just found about you today, and I am amazed at the wonderful work you all do!!

    Sofia's story is an amazing one, and one that should be written into a book (and made into a movie!) to demonstrate to the world what is happening in PR and how one person can make all of the difference.

    I will let my friends and family know about your work and help spread the word.

    Thank you!!

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