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Monday, November 15, 2010


Karicia is one of those special dogs that steal your heart as soon as you meet them.  She immediately caught my eye when I first visited the Save a Sato shelter in October of 2009 and it was her imploring brown eyes that convinced me that I had to become a SAS volunteer.

 Karicia arrived at the shelter on 09/14/09 when she was unceremoniously thrown over the fence; she was only a year old.   Although she is one of the most loving dogs that anyone could ever meet, being a pit bull mix made it difficult to send her to the states for adoption.  So for months I would see her once a week when I went to the shelter to help out.  I would always try to give her a little extra “play time” and one (sometimes two) rawhide bones, which she absolutely goes crazy for!

At the beginning of July a new volunteer, Elouise, started helping out at the SAS shelter.  She was in Puerto Rico for a couple of months with her boyfriend and had heard about SAS and wanted to help out.  Karicia caught her eye on the very first day so when she told me that she was interested in fostering a dog Karicia was the first choice.  When Elouise went to the shelter with her boyfriend Todd to pick up Karicia the connection was obvious and we said later that it was Karicia who picked them, not the other way around.  The moment they took her home they fell in love with her and it wasn't long before they decided to adopt her.  On 08/17/10 Karicia traveled to California to start a new life with her adopted family.  Gloria was very sad to see Karicia go, but she was also happy knowing that she had found a good home.  Karicia will always have a special place in her heart.

I recently received an update from Elouise and Todd and they tell me that Karicia (now “Krisa”) is VERY spoiled.  She gets trips to the dog park and doggy day care.  They tell me that Karicia’s favorite place to sleep (besides on the bed) is on a bean bag chair.  Here you can see her enjoying her new life as a pampered dog!

They all went camping recently at a dog friendly park in the mountains; they say that Karicia was very good and loved to go on hikes with them.  She stayed close to them the whole time and the other campers fell in love with her.  At night she snuggled next to them in front of the fire and they all slept in a tent.

 Karicia also got to wear her first Halloween costume!

Karicia’s story is a dream come true for us at Save a Sato.  Even though Karicia came to SAS unwanted and abandoned, she eventually found her happy ending and loving home.  This is what EVERY sato deserves.

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