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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A sato has found his forever home!!

Dear Save a Sato,
  Thank you for saving this dog!  I wanted to share with you his story and his new home.
I was living in Boston this past June when I knew I wanted a dog companion in my home to join myself and my cat.  I knew that adopting a dog is a big decision, however, I had no idea how difficult it is to pick a dog.  I traveled online across the state looking at organizations that are no kill to adopt an adult dog (I know that adult dogs are harder to adopt).  After about my 9th dog I looked at, I went to Northeast animal shelter to look at their advertised Puerto Rican dogs.  I loved Scooby's profile, built, size, age, but of course I had to meet the dog in order to find out whether it's a good fit.  They had a wonderful room and outside play area where potential adoptee's can spend time the potential owners.  Scooby and I were in this meeting room for about 1 minute before he was sleeping next to my lap with his head over my legs!  He picked me almost instantly, and I took him home that day.  Throughout the next few days, Scooby followed me everywhere, slept on my clothes I would leave on the floor, and never really left my side.  I renamed him my white shadow because how attached he was to me.

Since the adoption day (back in June), Shadow has learned so much!  We spent about two months in Boston where he learned how to walk on leash, climb up and down stairs (though he still trips on them regularly), eat dog food, take pills for worms (he had pretty much every parasite a dog can have) learn to take car rides and how to live with a cat.  In August we moved out of Boston to Delaware and into a much larger apartment with a park right outside our door!  He is finishing his beginner training course and his instructor loves him!  Everyone is touched by his story.  Those who don't ask about what kind of dog he is, they notice his Puerto Rican collar he wears.  He is a snuggler, eager to please, gets along well with other dogs, quiet, well mannered, and no one can believe his background.  Please enjoy the pictures I have attached to this email, and let me know what I can do (other than spreading around the organizations name which I do anyway). 
Annie and Shadow
Shadow in his forever home

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  1. Beautiful dog, beautiful story - thank you Save A Sato and Shadow's new human family for giving this wonderful dog a chance for happiness!