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Monday, December 3, 2012

Lori and John Sossa, Thanks for not giving up!!

Here is an email we want to share with all our followers! Lori and John, spent almost all day looking for our shelter, and also almost all day lost! We really want to thank you for not giving up!!
Oh  what a crazy day!  i have to admit, walking around the shelter in bare feet was an experience i will never forget!  nor will i forget trying to find it!  i wanted so badly to be able to talk to gloria but i don not speak spanish and neither does my husband.  i will be leaving here on a 5pm flight to newark on December 5. on jet blue.  they will let me take a dog as carry on but, it has to be a small dog.  i saw 2 puppies and then there were 2 little brown dogs also. if you need transport, i am here and we are BOTH willing to take a dog back with us.. I wish i had shoes as there were some dogs i couldn't get to. if i had still been lost by 5pm i would have given up.. not until though.. i said id be there and when i say something i stick to it. i regret i didnt get to meet you also.  when will the new shelter be done?  Is that what ceasar  is helping with?  what would the shelter challenge do for save a sato?  i vote everyday!!!  I wanted to say that in watching Gloria you can see her life is the dogs.  We communicated on that level.. Please relay a message for me..

I am the loco lady who showed up in bare feet because my sandals were broken.  It did not matter to me that i had to walk through YUK to get to see the satos.  i want very much to help you get these animals to the states where they can be adopted.. If i can escort please do not hesitate to contact me.. i leave PR on Dec. 5.
also i am attaching pictures of some of the pups in vega baja who desperetly need help from a no kill shelter.. HELPING them is not euthanizing them.  Helping them is finding homes.  It is obvious to me that your heart is 100 % in your work and for those animals.  I will help any way i can.  Please try to help the vega baja pups.  I know there are so many everywhere and so little space but so many are so skinny and hairless.. they need someone to care.  there is little i can do in NY except contact people i believe in and an organization i believe in.  It was wonderful to meet you and to finally see where my donations are going, the pups i am helping and who i will continue to pray for, donate to and keep tabs on until they all have a home.  God bless you  all.  lori & john sosa

Thank you Lori, thank you John for your visit!! we are trying our best to work on renovations to the shelter, but we end up spending the money in food and vet bills for the satos most of the time! the Caesar Millan foundation is helping us with a wonderful donation of 5 grants, we hope to get more donations like that in order to have money to fix a lot of things on the shelter, thats the reason we also encourage the people to vote for Save A Sato on contests, and recommend us to receive grants and donations from all this big companies, and foundations! we survive from this kind of help and your donations, as you saw, we dont get any help from the goverment!! thanks again for not giving up on the satos, and for your visit to the shelter!
SAS Webmaster

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