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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Enrique! Living the dream!

Hi All!
My name is Shannon and I wanted to say thank you for taking good care of Enrique while he was in your care. He traveled from your rescue to the Delaware County SPCA on December 29th where I fell in love with him immediately. I was able to adopt and take him home just last Sunday, January 3rd. He is quickly adjusting to the good life where he lays comfortably on the couch or bed, has lots of treats and toys and, most importantly, loving and petting! He is so loving and affectionate to people and loves smelling everything he possibly can during our walks. So, from Aldan, Pennsylvania in the USA, a huge thank you!!

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  1. Wow Aldan is the cutest dog! Is he a lab, my grandfather has one that looks just like Aldan. He rescued him as well. I am thinking about getting a dog from the SPCA, from the way you talk about them they seem like a respectable rescue service! Thanks for the help.