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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Friends, a couple days ago Save a Sato was alerted about this poor boy. He was abused by his owner. Also other bad people hit him and was attacked by other dogs. Cruel people exploded a firecracker in his mouth and now he is hungry because he can't eat and his owner doesn't care about him. His jawbone was severely damaged, almost crushed. As you know, we can't turn our back to this angel. We name him Simon. And now he is under Dr. Rivera's care at Avian & Small Animals Clinic. Dr. Rivera performed surgery on Simon's jawbone in order to repair it. We will help Simon to recover his health and find the great home that he deserves, but we can't continue without your donations. As you know, we have thousand of dollars in veterinary bills to pay. Please, no amount is too small. Simon will have a long journey to his recovery but he is not alone!! Please make your donation via Paypal on our main page or directly to clinic: or via phone (787) 759-6263. Bank Account number: 131269380 (Banco Popular PR)

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