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Friday, January 15, 2016

Judith, now happy in a forever home

Judith was rescued by a Save A Sato volunteer named Denise...she was abandonned, because she gave birth...the owners did not wanted to take responsability of her and her puppies....she was found with her puppies living under the stairs of a public residencial project...

We want to Send our thanks and love to all of you at saveasato for taking such wonderful care of our little Nina! ~ xoxo           

We Rescued Judith (30119119) from Delaware County, Pennsylvania's SPCA on 11/12/2015 her name was Judith. She was a Scared And Quiet little Girl but we knew she had a heart of gold and that we just had to bring her home with us.  

First thing we did was change her name to Nina, Nina is a Very Sweet,Loving and just loves her new home. She loves watching TV, Going to the park and just loves all of her new toys.  We even enrolled her in a dog training class at Petsmart.  Not that she needs school, Nina is so well behaved. She is House Trained, Never Barks, Never Begs for food not even when we are cooking or eating and the list of good things can go on & on.   She is absolutely Amazing!!!   We want to thank all of you for making our life more meaningful because without you we wouldn’t of had our little girl.

The letter that was inclosed with her information said she was found abandoned on the streets and that she was mistreated. we would love to hear back from you if you have any more information on our little Nina. like where she was found, her condition, well just anything! we have missed the start of her life and we are very interested in more information on her,  if there is any.

Nina wants to say thank you her rescuer and all that has ever taken care of her. she misses you all!!  

our sincerest thanks to all of you, xoxo

Melissa & Harry Thomas, 
Newtown Square

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