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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Happy Ending for Sera!!


Annabelle came to us 2 1/2 years ago, via W.A.R.L. in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was Sera in the shelter, but we renamed her Annabelle, because that's who she seemed to be. She's the most wonderful dog. Her temperament is easy-going, attentive, responsive, obedient, loving, sensitive, and friendly. She does everything she's asked to do, and has absolutely no unpleasant or anti social habits. Our whole neighborhood loves her. They keep treats for her, for when she visits, and she bows humbly to their cats, for whom she has a healthy and wary respect.

 Everywhere we go, people admire her intelligent and responsive temperament and gush over how "cute" she looks. I've had a number of strangers stop me when I'm out with Annabelle and excitedly ask me where I got her, then proceed to tell me about some other dog they know that also was a sato rescue, looks a lot like Annabelle, and is "just the best dog ever". It's happened so many times that I've wondered if you have a special breed in Puerto Rico that's contributing to the wonderfulness of your satos. 

Annabelle and I walk about 5K each morning, which we both love. She goes everywhere with me that she possibly can. She has a flat, partial coat; very inadequate for our New England winters, so I make warm jackets and raincoats for her to wear. She sleeps with my youngest daughter every night. She loves to romp in the backyard with our cat, Percy, and often meets dog friends at several local parks for some sniffing and socializing. She has to have a good run once a day; she's extremely fast, and has yet to meet another dog who can catch up to her when she hits her top speed. My husband, three daughters, and I all adore her. She's a family dog, but she's also my special companion. I'm so grateful you found her and gave her the chance to be part of our home.

I've attached some photos of her: enjoying the backyard in July, helping me refine a new winter coat design for her in November, and wearing the finished product on one of our hikes this past December.

Anne Hill

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