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Friday, March 15, 2013

Maru's Happy Ending


Maru is doing great! We have since renamed her Izzy :-) . She really has come out of her shyness and is definately bonding with myself and my fiance.  She has since become crate trained and house broken all in one week!  She is eating like a champ and sleeps like a rock lol.  We have taught her sit and paw and continues to learn more tricks as the weeks roll on!  We took her to a wellness visit last week and she received a clean bill of health (ear infection gone, hernia is almost completely healed, fecal sample came back clean)  she even received her 1st lyme shot and is now taking heartguard and frontline as expected.

We visitied a Doggy daycare yesterday which she will be attending for now 1 day a week to help her continue socializing with her pack friends.  She gets along great with my brothers dog Bogey and our friends dog Lola (see pic from our hike at Breakheart Reservation) she even plays with our friends mancoon cat Loue.  We took her to the beach a couple weeks ago and she went nuts, I swear she was trying to dig to China lol!  Izzy rarely barks, the 1st time she did was at someone whistling on TV :-)  We will be signing up for Obedience classes in a couple weeks to correct some small issues (she likes to jump on people, if thats the worst problem we discover I think we made out!)  She is learning her name very well and has shown us so much compassion words cant describe.
  Our experience was nothing short of wonderful at the shelter, we cant thank you enough.  You guys definately know your stuff.  If you ever need a volunteer feel free to shoot me an e-mail (I previously applied as well) I would love to give back to the shelter.
Thanks again!
Jon Wright

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