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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gabby's happy ending!! he is finally at his forever home!!

What a day..  we arrived at the airport at 830 pm for aflight that was supposed to arrive at 10:45.   The flight never got in until after midnight. My Grandson sat outside the baggage claim for over an hour waiting..
 Gabby arrived safe and sound.   she wasn't at all sure she wanted to get out of the crate.  once she did though she hugged her new nana and kissed her new mom and her 2 new boys.

  She is playfull, happy, not at all sure she likes the cold but, a love bug who prefers treats to the dog food she arrived with :)  she has her own big comfy bed, toys that she is already playing with and a cat she likes to terrorize.   she is already spoiled and loving it!  

what a wonderful feeling to adopt a sato!  Thank you for all your hard work seeing that this came to fruition. You have made 2 little boys and one little sato very happy campers!

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