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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gia, at last at her forever home!

Tiffany aka Gia arrived safely in Vieques this afternoon.  Miraculously we made standby on the 1:00 ferry.

She is sleeping in the house for the next few days.  I am ordering her Cooleroo bed to match those of the other two guys here.   The dogs have their own enclosed porch on the other side of the house

where eventually her bed will be.  For the next week or so she will be  house dog until she knows this is home and has learned the properties perimeters.
We will wait a few weeks for the spaying episode one trauma a month is fine if that's OK with you.
That's Tiffany in the center.




Thank you for the update and for giving Gia a forever home!! we wish you many happy years!!

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