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Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Happy Ending - Estela

>There are so many special satos that come through our program - each and every animal touches us in their own way, but every once in a while there is a dog that for one reason or another finds a place in my heart and I cannot help but get attached. I tend to gravitate toward the special needs dogs, as I have two of my own and I guess I like the challenge of finding the perfect place for an animal that may need special care. I know first hand the rewards and lifetime of love that these animals provide when given a chance for a normal life.

I was introduced to Estela in July by chance on the phone one day with Leilani. She mentioned her as she displayed a similar issue that my own dog is having - she would "knuckle" her rear foot. It was subtle and didn't occur often, but it was there, and her foot was raw because of it. I immediately worried it was neurological.

Leilani sent video and photos, and we worked to try to find a partner shelter that would give Estela a chance at a new life.

Estela at the Save a Sato shelter in San Juan in July

Her oppurtunity came when she was chosen to fly to Northeast Animal Shelter in August, just before their sato reunion. I was so excited that I would actually get to meet her at the event!!

Estela at Northeast Shelter waiting for her forever family in August

I got to meet Estela briefly and wished her well, knowing that someone would give her the chance to find happiness. She was hardly displaying the knuckling at this time, the vets didn't find anything conclusive and her foot was healing.

On September 13th we were lucky enough to meet several sato owners at Pet Rock Fest. We were just finished setting up the table when two ladies came up to introduce their satos to us. There was Ben, a sato that is working toward becoming a therapy dog for his mom and to my surprise there was Estela!!!! The ladies adopted her from Northeast! I began to cry at the sight of her, the little dog that had dragged her paw had filled out so nicely and had visibly gained confidence in just a few short weeks! As I knelt before her to give her a pet, she looked up at me and gave me a big lick, as if in thanks. Her new family reports that she no longer knuckles and her paw is completely healed.

 Estela with her sato brother Ben and her Poodle brother in September!

It is stories like this that keep us going, knowing there are people out there that will adopt a "less than perfect" animal and give it the love and affection that it deserves. Thank you Estela's family, and to all those that adopt a special needs pet.

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  1. And she also givs great kisses! It was awesome to meet her in person, and see her in a happy loving family.