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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Volunteers - Ursula

Over time I will introduce you to the people behind Save a Sato, without whom we could not save as many dogs as we do. Everyone knows Gloria, our shelter manager, president and guardian angel to the satos, but many of the other volunteers are lesser known.

First up is Ursula, or Lita as we sometimes call her. Lita brings a vibrant flare to the group, always smiling and making others laugh, even during difficult times. Being on the mainland, I and other volunteers rely on the volunteers in PR to help us get information, photos, etc. to help us in our work for SAS and Lita always comes through!

Ursula is our Secretary, and is responsible for most of the correspondence for the organization, but she also does a variety of other things -
  • "  SAS Photographer"  - Most of the photos you see on this blog were taken by her.
  • "  Education Director"  - She and her dogs visit schools and educate the children of PR about humane treatment of animals.
  • "  Shelter Worker"  - She goes weekly to the shelter to clean kennels, give baths and help socialize the dogs.
  • "  Informant"  - We call on Ursula to get us all sorts of information, and she created and maintains a gigantic database of the dogs.
  • "  Adoption Coordinator"  - She works with people on the island who want to adopt a sato.
  • "  Event Planner"  - Attends animal related events in PR promoting SAS.
  • "  Errand Runner " - Lita runs around the island picking up everything from newspapers to lunch!
  • "  Advocate for the Animals"  - Lita is above all a wonderful spokesperson for SAS and the animals on the island, we haven't found one thing that she is not willing to help with.
Here are a few photos of Lita in action!

Ursula with her dog Flecha at a recent event

Ursula and her dog Lola help teaching children in PR to respect animals

Ursula after a hard day of work at the shelter

A big "Gracias!" to Lita for all of her hard work, and for keeping us laughing!


  1. Love you Lita! You totally Rock - and we soo appreciate all you do!