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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Waiting for a Forever Home - Galilea

Six weeks ago, a tiny puppy was found under a car by new SAS volunteer Marybel. She was about 8 weeks old, terribly underweight and covered in mange.
Arriving at the shelter

She was named Galilea, and was in need of immediate help. She was given fluids, good food, water and a warm cozy kennel to rest in. Weekly baths to cure her mange began.

Galilea barely had the strength to stand on the day of her rescue

Our wonderful volunteer Cybelle reports that a short 6 weeks later, you would not recognize sweet Galilea as the dog pictured above. She has all the energy a puppy of her age should, and is very active! She has gained weight and her mange is almost completely healed thanks to the weekly baths given by our volunteers.

Here she is after being cared for by Gloria and the SAS volunteers -

Beautiful Gali, healed and ready to find a home!

Happy and active Galilea 6 weeks after she came to the shelter.

Busy girl playing at the shelter

Galilea is now ready to begin her journey to her forever home. We hope a partner shelter will choose her for an upcoming trip so that she may find the family she deserves.

Special thanks to Marybel for rescuing Gali and to Cybelle for providing these photos and information.


  1. I hope Gali find a forever home with lots of love and good care, she deserve it!

  2. Thanks to you Marybel she will get the chance to find a family of her own!