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Friday, September 25, 2009

Help Wanted!

As with any non profit, we are constantly struggling to make ends meet. We rely on donations to run the entire organization and in this economy things are extremely difficult. We recognize that not everyone can give a financial donation, and we can always use help with volunteer hours to help us care for the dogs.

Did you know that Save a Sato has not one paid volunteer? Shelter Manager Gloria has worked for more than 13 years - 365 days a year, 10 hours a day at the shelter without being paid. She tends to every need of the dogs in her care, and can always use help. What i not known to many is that the majority of the daily tasks at the shelter are being done by the board members, and as such it leaves them little time to work on other projects for the organization.

If you are in Puerto Rico, would you consider donating an hour or two of your time? With the help of many, we could get so much done!

Some of the tasks that need volunteers at the shelter are as follows -
  • Baths - we have many dogs being treated for mange, and the treatment includes a medicated bath once a week, without this bath the condition will not go away. 
  • Cage cleaning - this happens every single day, for every single cage. Takes a lot of time and more hands are needed.
  • Dog walking/Socializing - Some dogs need a little extra love and exposure to positive experiences, this is a very rewarding opportunity to help prepare a dog for their new home.
If you cannot make it to the shelter we still have things that you can help with from your home including data entry and working on upgrading the website.

      If you are traveling from San Juan to Hartford, CT, Newark, NJ, Tampa, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Boston, MA or New York, NY we are always in need of escorts, which costs nothing to our volunteers! To learn more about the escort program and download the flyer please click here.

      If have even one hour to spare each week or month, please consider volunteering your time to help Save a Sato, you can feel great about helping the animals and you will be greatly rewarded with a thank you kiss from one of the very grateful satos!

Octavio is waiting to thank you!


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