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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Ending Sibling Connection!

I got an E-mail from an adopter that had been visiting our Happy Endings page on our website and came across another dog that she thought could be her satos sibling. She wrote the following -

"I was recently on the Save-A-Sato website looking through the happy endings and came across Bosco (formerly Wilson). I believe our dog Rusty (formerly Robin) is his litter mate. On Christmas day me and my three siblings opened a huge gift wrapped box only to find a red and green collar and a few dog toys The next day we drove about 50 miles to come see Rusty and it was love at first sight!  So on December 26, 2008 (My birthday!) when welcomed Rusty into our home when we adopted him from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA.! He looks exactly like Bosco and has quite the personality. He is smart and very affectionate. He will even "talk" to you if he feels he is being ignored or left out. Rusty is a cuddle bug and is the love of my life. He was the best Christmas gift our family could ever hope for and we are so proud to have saved a Sato. The work your organization does is truely a saving grace and a second chance for many of these animals and we are proud to be a part of it."

Here is Rusty, formerly Robin.

I looked for the E-mail from the family of Bosco to see if the two dogs could be related and sure enough, Bosco's family sent the following -

"I adopted “Wilson” (pictured with Brother Robin – lite brindle - in attached photo) now “Bosco” from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA on December 24, 2008. He came with paperwork describing his prior life in Puerto Rico, so we just wanted to let you know that little pup you rescued last November is almost 6 months old now, loved very much, and growing like a weed. We recently had Bosco DNA tested and it showed him to be a Rottweiler / Boxer mix."

  Here is Bosco, formerly Wilson

Wilson's family even included a photo of the two pups together at Northeast Animal shelter - 

Wilson and Robin at the shelter.

We love sato sibling connections! We hope that maybe one day the boys can get together for a reunion and a playdate! Thanks to Bosco and Rusty's families for sharing their stories!


  1. AWESOME! Kylie will be so happy to see this!

  2. What a sweet story! I'm hoping to get in touch with the families of my Sato puppy's sisters "Barbie" and "Babette", hound mixes. We adopted Pumpkin (formerly "Betsy")from the Northeast Animal Shelter in June.