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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Happy ending for Chito, adopted 14 years ago!!

This is chito, adopted on 2001 on Brodward County Florida, he was a year and a half by that time, now he is 14 (next august). His owner tell us that he still is very active and healthy, and Chito talks!!! he is very "vocal"!!! Chito looks like he is having a great life with his owner  and Smookie ( another dog on the house) here are some pictures sent to us! thanks for this great update on another happy sato from Save A Sato!! thank you for loving him so much and taking care of him for over 14 years!!
chito 2001

chito 14 years later

Chito, Smookie with Santa and owner

He likes to sleep like that!

Chito loves to smile and watch TV

chito loves smookie and likes to kiss her!

Original Email sent to us!!

Hola.este es chito.lo adopte en 2001 de broward county florida ,tenia un año y medio.mi chito cumple catorce en agosto.le compre una casa grande en Orlando hace diez anos.un amor mi niño.sigue hablando. Lol. Es muy vocal.le sigue dando besos a la otra perra que tengo. LO Quiero tanto y el me quiere tanto.esta muy saludable. no parece y no actúa su ano. palabras mi pueden empezar expresar cuanto lo quiero.quisiera darle a gloria y todos ustedes un abrazo.un amor. Abrazos.que Dios los bendigas a todos y todos los animales

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