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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Phoebe, 11 years of happiness!

From our happy endings mail!!
I am looking forward to meeting Gloria, the wonderful woman with the big heart 
responsible for saving Phoebe who came to us at 10 months of age and is now 11 
years old.  I have attached a photo of Phoebe with my kids during 
Christmas 2012.  I am also looking forward to bringing five students with me to volunteer at Save a Sato this summer so we can “pay it forward”.  Rescue dogs are the best!

I would love it if you could post the attached photo along with the one we sent 
you shortly after we got Phoebe in 2002, as a before and after set.  You can 
find the first photo on the Save a Sato website when you type in the words “Sato 
Phoebe”.  The
photo is of her with my oldest son, Shane (far left), who was about ten years 
old in that photo.  Today he is 20 years old and is a sophomore in college!


Thank you Ellen for this update!!! we hope you like the picture!! and we hope you can make it this summer! the satos we will be happy to see you on the shelter!

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