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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Happy endingfor Eli (now Simon)

From our happy endings email!!!

2013 picture

Email 2 years ago....
Dear Marybel,
My husband and I recently adopted Eli from a local animal shelter.  We've had him for 2 1/2 weeks and he has adjusted very well to his new life.  He loves going on walks (even in the snow), meeting other dogs and people, and receiving belly rubs.  He has such a sweet temperment and behaves so well.  He has brought much joy into our lives; thank you for fostering him and taking such good care of him.  We changed his name to Simon (after the singer Paul Simon), although he doesn't seem to know it, yet!  Simon also had a vet check and received a clean bill of health.  We look for forward to many happy years with him.  Thank you again!

Hi Marybel,
Happy New Year!
Not sure if you remember the dog, Simon/Eli,  my husband and I adopted almost two years ago...but I wanted to give you an update.  In September, our family moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Twin Falls, Idaho.  Simon seems to like his new home.  We have a large fenced in backyard where he gets to run around with the neighbor's dog, Lucy.  I've attached a picture of the two of them-Simon is on the right.  Lucy loves chasing down tennis balls and Simon loves chasing Lucy-so they're both happy. 

I hope you're doing well.  Thank you for the work that you did/are doing.  I hope 2013 brings you much joy, good health, and success.


  From Marybel, former volunteer now living in the U.S.A
HI Sara,

Thank you so much for Eli's (Simon's) update. I feel very happy and relieve that Eli was adopted for a good family likes yours. And I like to thank you also for adopting a Sato, a rescued dog from Puerto Rico where the stray dogs problem is huge! Simon is one of the luckiest because had the opportunity for a good life with a loving and caring family. I look forward to continue in contact with you and maybe some day meeting you in person when I visit Boston.

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