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Friday, January 16, 2015

An update on Eva!

From our Sato mail!
Hi there Save A Sato!
My name is Kira. I'm not sure if you folks got the letter I sent Gloria a while ago, so I just wanted to write and say hello! My fiance and I adopted Eva from DAWS in Danbury, CT back in July (she was formerly known as Sato Millie, or possibly Lillie? Her paperwork said both).
I just wanted to let you folks know that she is doing GREAT! Eva is our first dog and we couldn't have possibly asked for a better one! She's adorable, the perfect size (a little over 30lbs now at 9 months old), and she is very quiet and for the most part well-behaved. She gets along with our two cats (even though she wants to play with them and they don't), she's a total sweetheart, loves the dog park, etc. She's wonderful, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for saving her from the streets! I read in her info that she was found at a construction site. I'm not sure if you have any contact with the workers who found her, but if you do, please tell them that we send our thanks.
I am including a few photos of Eva in her new home with us. Please feel free to share them wherever you'd like! I want to show everyone how great of a program you run, and how happy our girl is now that she has a forever home! (And if you happen to have Instagram, feel free to follow me for more photos of Eva and her kitty siblings: @kiraandpets)
Kira G

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