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Monday, January 26, 2015

Cats also have happy endings!

From our sato mail: 

"Glad to hear things are well. I can totally understand what your going through. That day we visited you it looked like there was TONS to do! Not to mention all of the poor animals that probably get dropped off on a daily basis! Truly sad... but it's good to see that there are still plenty of people that care. "

As for our little family. Well... they truly have become masters of the house. Every spot has turned into their sleeping area and they're sure to let us know when their food bowls are empty. They wait to hear our alarm in the mornings and immediately start the process of making sure we're up and feeding them, followed by a little lovin' of course! No more snooze button for us! Ha! Not to mention that if you fall asleep on the couch, you'll wake up having been nominated as their new sleeping area.

Well... here are the last pictures with all of the family together. As you can see, an old suite case and our collapsed hammock are their new favorite spots now! The kitten is going to his new home today. One of our best friends has fallen in love with him. We will certainly miss him and all of his energy but we're happy that we'll be able to see him when we visit our friend. The suite case pic cracks me up by the way. They were all watching me paint.

Thanks again for everything! We can't imagine coming home and not being greeted with so much love on a daily basis!!

Richard Arenas

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