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Monday, January 26, 2015

Hello from a stateside Save a Sato volunteer!

From our sato mail!

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My cocker spaniel, Phoebe, was rescued by Save a Sato when she was less than 9 months old.  Phoebe has had a wonderful life and is a happy and healthy 13 year-old, this is my favorite photo of her (with my son). Jemma  a sata (female sato) we brought over in November (with her new "brother"), and a couple other satos that we have brought to CT and were adopted into wonderful homes. This last one is of the manager of the shelter that I work with in New Milford meeting for the first time two of the five puppies my students and I brought home with us for adoption this past June. The puppies were so excited (and so was Renee!).  Needless to say, those two pups got adopted immediately.

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