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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


When we met her about two years ago at the shelter while I was there for a project, we completely adored her! We already had two dogs, and we promised my dad that we wouldn't bring home a new dog. For my mom's birthday that year in March, my dad and I arranged to have Camilla flown into Pittsburgh as a surprise. She quickly found her spot in the family with our two big labs! She is a tiny bundle of energy who loves to run and explore in sun, rain, and even snow! All of her energy has brought excitement and playfulness back to our older dogs. At the end of a crazy day of running and playing with toys, she loves to fall asleep on the couch with her family. Everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her, and we can't imagine our home without her! She is truly a blessing that we thank Save a Sato for every day! 

Thank you for our Camilla!

Natalie and Nancy House

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