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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hachi is doing great!

This is Hachi, he was abandoned and left to his luck on the streets, his previous owners probably moved to another place! and left him alone in Rio Piedras PR. A local resident near the area where he was abandoned, feed him and took care of him, later she brought Hachi to Save A Sato. After a couple of months in the shelter, he was sent to Pittsburgh to  find a Forever Home.

Here is an email sent by his new parents! looks like Hachi finally had a Happy Ending!

I wanted to give an update on Hachi. He was sent to Pittsburgh and rejected by his adoptive family. My husband and I fell in love with Hachi when meeting him at his foster home and he has now been with us for a week. We couldn’t be happier! He is very calm yet playful. Really loves people and other animals. 

The picture’s below show Hachi and my husband John at his mom’s home when we took him to meet “grandma.”  The next 2 show Hachi wearing his sweater on a cold day. Also attached, Hachi sunning himself. And of course the baby pic!

Hachi is also enrolled at doggy daycare while we are at work. They posted a video today. He appears after minute 2:38

I have attached a video that my husband took of him playing outside. Although it is winter here in Pittsburgh (and Hachi is definitely not used to the snow), we had an abnormally warm day in December so there was time to play outside!

I was wondering if you guys had a written story about Hachi? For example why is he missing part of his ear :-(? We have seen he has some other scars too. Since we got him from foster care and not you directly we just know some details that were given to us verbally but I was hoping you could give us some more information. 

We always knew we wanted to adopt a sato and we are so glad that Hachi fell into our lives.

Best Regards,

Vanessa Herman

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