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Sunday, December 13, 2009



I am sure you can agree, that is a big number.

If I were to offer 100,000 dollars, any person would be glad to receive such a large amount of money, thinking of all it could buy. If I offered a child 100,000 M&M's, their eyes would grow wide as a smile lit their face. If I told a performer they would have an audience of 100,000 people, they would be thrilled that their talent could reach so many.

For us, 100,000 does not evoke thoughts of happiness like the examples above. It represents the estimated number of stray dogs living on the streets of Puerto Rico in the worst of conditions. An estimated 3.9 million people live on the 100 mile x 35 mile island and face the stray animal situation daily as they go about life. No area of the island is without strays, but yet many can walk right past the suffering on the streets.

100,000 dogs - looking for nothing more than food, shelter and a little love.

The dogs are getting a new voice, as production starts on a film called '100,000' - The documentary will explore different alternatives available so that Puerto Rico can take action to eliminate this problem. Topics discussed include myths about sterilization, the law against animal abuse, the cultural problem of abandonment of animals, adoption of animals and education on how to properly care for a pet.

The '100,000' team visited the Save a Sato shelter this weekend. It looked a little like Hollywood as the filming took place at our humble shelter - 

The documentary will be available in June/July 2010 but you can follow the progress at

Thank you Juan Agustín Márquez, Gerardo Rodríguez and Mari Rodriguez for being the voice for the 100,000 satos of Puerto Rico and for your continued support of our organization.

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  1. I would love to help! I am disabled but I own dog grooming business in North Idaho. I could most likely get lots of donations from my dog loving clients! Let me know how I can help!