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Monday, December 21, 2009

12 Satos of Dogmas - Day Nine

Shelter Dog - Meet Pilar

Name: Pilar

Description: 2 year old, 30lb. Female Terrier mix

Personality: Quiet, loves other dogs.

Holiday Wish: A new family with another dog to pal around with.

Pilar is ready to be adopted in Puerto Rico - if you are interested please contact us at

Volunteer Dog - Meet Amber

Name: Amber

Adopted from
: Danbury Animal Welfare – DAWS in 2003

About Amber: Amber was adopted by Gypsy after her best friend Barney died at 17 1/2.  Amber's job is to teach men that little dogs are cute, feisty and heart stealers.

Lives with: Save A Sato Passenger/Shelter Coordinator Donna, sato sister Gypsy, Gato siblings Morgan the Pirate Gato and Willow and a host of other creatures.

About Donna: Donna has been volunteering for SAS for many years, and is currently in charge of flying all the lucky satos to our partner shelters. When she is not busy helping the satos she finds time to help the gatos on the island and all over the United States. Thank you Donna for helping in so many ways.


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