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Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Satos of Dogmas - Day Five

Shelter Dog - Meet Paolo

Name: Paolo

Description: 2 year old, 25lb. Border Collie mix

Personality: Social and intelligent.

Holiday Wish: A new family that will take him to training classes.

Paolo is ready to be adopted in Puerto Rico - if you are interested please contact us at 

Volunteer Dog - Meet Tico

Name: Tico

Rescued from: Puerto Rico in 2007

Likes/Traits: Loves to play, run, jump and sleep with his parents...and even hunt big iguanas!!!!

Lives with: Our volunteer Marybel and Pedro, his human brother Edrick and Niko the gato.
About Marybel: Marybel is a new volunteer that helps at the airport and shelter, and is always willing to help with locating a dog on the island we have been notified of that needs help. She recently rescued a sweet dog named Galilea that has gone on to a partner shelter for adoption. Thank you for always offering to help when we need it most!



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