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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Members of the National Junior Honor Society visit our Shelter

One of the many programs we have is an educational presentation that volunteers offer to schools in Puerto Rico. We want to reach as many kids as we can to help them learn about the joys of owning a pet, humane treatment of animals and the benefits of spay/neuter and vet care. We believe that we can positively influence the next generation to help care for the animals on the island and make changes to the situation.

Many schools on the island require students to participate in community service projects, and recently I got an E-mail from a mom to let me know her daughter and friends had chosen to do a fundraiser for Save a Sato.

These 4 girls are members of the National Junior Honor Society at their school in Dorado, and are required to have an Individual Service Project consisting of at least 5 hours of community service every semester.  For their project the girls decided to have a Bake Sale at the school. Working together, they raised over $350.00 in three afternoons of their Bake Sale and donated half of their donations to Save a Sato.

The girls visited our shelter on December 12th and presented the check to Gloria and visited with the dogs. Here are photos of their visit, the smiles on the girls faces tell it all -

We are so grateful to the girls for their hard work on behalf of the satos and enjoyed meeting them!

If you are interested in our educational program and are located in Puerto Rico you can contact Lita at to find out more about our program.

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