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Saturday, December 19, 2009

12 Satos of Dogmas - Day Seven

Shelter Dog - Meet Carolina

Name: Carolina

2 year old, 30lb. spayed Pointer Mix

Very charming and funny, loves attention.
Holiday Wish: A family that will take her for long walks.
Carolina is ready to be adopted in Puerto Rico - if you are interested please contact us at

Volunteer Dog - Meet Frida

Name: Frida
Rescued from: Puerto Rico in 2006
About Frida:  Regal Frida helps with fostering dogs and cats and teaching them how great it is to live in a home!
Lives with: Save A Sato Volunteer Coordinator Cybelle and sato brother Aquiles.
About Cybelle: Cybelle is another of our all around volunteers on any given day you could find her answering E-mail, photographing the dogs or her favorite - giving baths! She also helps get all the new volunteers in Puerto Rico acclimated as they begin volunteering. Thank you Cybelle for always being there when we need help with anything!


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