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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12 Satos of Dogmas - Day Eleven

Shelter Dog - Meet Paco

Name: Paco

Description: 2 year old, 40lb. male Golden Retriever Mix

Personality: Gets along with all dogs and people. Loves to play.

Holiday Wish: A person that will toss a tennis ball for him.

Paco is ready to be adopted in Puerto Rico - if you are interested please contact us at

Volunteer Dog - Meet Cookies & Cream

Name - Cookies & Cream (Cookies)

Rescued from: Dead Dog Beach, Yabucoa PR in 2009

Likes/Traits - All toys, all dogs, all people; wrestling with her big sister Maruja; boxing with her big brother Homer.

Lives with - Our volunteer Mari and Juan, big brother Bulldog Homer and big sister Maruja

About Mari and Juan: Mari has been instrumental in helping us translate our documentation, education materials, flyers and brochures. She and her husband Juan are in the process of filming a documentary on the satos. You can read more about the documentary at Thank you Mari and Juan for being the voice for so many satos – in both English and Spanish!


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