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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12 Satos of Dogmas - Day Four

Today I bring you volunteer favorite Raul...he has grown up in the shelter and really deserves his own family.

Shelter Dog - Meet Raul

Name: Raul

Description: 7 month old, 30lb. male Shepard/Hound mix

Personality: Very playful, active, and affectionate.

Holiday Wish: An owner that will toss a stick for him, which is his favorite toy.

Raul is ready to be adopted in Puerto Rico - if you are interested please contact us at

Volunteer Dog - Meet Ceviche


Rescued from: The streets in Guaynabo in 2008

Likes/Traits: loves to smile when he is happy, loves to retrieve ANYTHING and falls asleep with his is toys in his mouth and upside down.

Lives with: Save a Sato Secretary Ursula, sato siblings Nina and Flecha and the gatos.

About Ursula: If there is one person that is the all around volunteer it is Ursula. In addition to her board position Ursula can often be found at the shelter bathing, playing with and photographing the satos. We don’t know what we would do without you Ursula, thank for making our work easy!



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